About & FAQ


Why Hogs & Doggs?
It started with a liking for garage/shop/motorcycle builder merchandise. A motorcycle builder we follow put his dog and motorcycle on a t-shirt but sold out and we weren’t able to purchase. Then we thought, why wouldn’t we just put our own dogs and our own bikes on our own t-shirts? We feel as if other people would love to sport t-shirts of their own dog and motorcycle AND donate to a good cause.

Why Oregon Humane Society?
The service of Hogs & Doggs is for pet lovers. The t-shirts are designed and printed in Portland, OR USA and we wanted to give back to a local cause. The Oregon Humane Society has a 98% save rate, recieves NO tax dollars or portions from any national organizations and relies solely on donations. For more information about OHS click here.

Will you do a t-shirt of my cat and vespa?
Of course! Vespas aren’t motorcycles but we’ll make anything 2-wheeled (sometimes 3 if the project is right). Also, illustrations aren’t limited to just dogs, we’ll make cats, birds, snakes, rats, sloths, etc. It’s all about your companion and your machine.

How did you come up with the name Hogs & Doggs?
It’s a play on words for a few of our favorite things: ice cream, motorcycles and dogs. Also Hogs & Doggs shares the same abbreviation with an American motorcycle company.

Will you print on something other than a black short sleeve t-shirt?
For now the current stock is just black short sleeve t-shirts. For custom orders, please email for inquiries.